Au Bon Bol

Rue Paul Devaux, 9
1000 Bruxelles
Tel: 02/513 16 88

It will be the word for this authentic chinese restaurant situated in the heart of Brussel! Some friends of mine brought me there this weekend and as I get in, I really had the feeling to be in China,... or Hong Kong, which is the nearer from China I've ever been!
The specialty of this tiny restaurant is artisanal noodles, made in front of the window on the demand,...

I was so impressed by the way the girl was doing the noodles in front of me!!!! It's told that chinese invented the pasta and it was already made in Asia century before the Italian began to do it!

But the best is the incredible taste of it,... I asked for artisanal noodles and fired duck,.... de-li-cious! absolutely delicious,... as if you were there in Asia.

If you already know the mussels and friets, do not hesitate to try a not so mucho touristic menu, and stil exotic at Au Bon Bol!


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