Easter Vacherin Express!

Finally, I could realized on of my dreamed recipes!!!! When I was a child, I remember to be really impress by one dessert: Vacherin! a mix of meringue and ice cream. Nowadays, it´s not so easy to find this dessert, but I always thought it was easy to do!
I spent years in Madrid, looking for meringue to prepare this recipe, and never found it,....

But, everything´s changed! I am in Haarlem, NL, and here you can find meringues in the bakeries! Easter, is just the perfect time and occasion to try it with the family!

Ingredients for 4/5 persons:
- 500 ml of Mango sherbet
- 500 ml of Lemon sherbet
- 500 ml of Raspberries sherbet
- 100 hrs of meringues (paas schuims in Dutch)

It´s so easy! 

1/ Just let the sherbets outside for a while till they melt a little bit. Then choose some different type of bowls or plastic boxes: you may need 3 different sizes, from larger to smaller, in order to get a kind of pyramid!

2/ Wrap the plastic boxes with plastic film to be sure to not have any problem to unmold the sherbets!
Start to spread half of the raspberries sherbet in the large box, top it with crumbs of meringues and put another layer of sherbet. With a spoon, take care to lean the levels and take it back to the freezer.

3/ Repeat the operation with the mango and lemon sherbets in the smaller boxes.
You can also add a layer of apricot or strawberries marmalade in the middle if you want.

4/ Keep it in the freezer till 15 minutes before service! In a tray, first unmold the sherbet from the larger box, and take off the film. Put the second box on the top, and unwrap it also,.... the same for the 3rd one till you get an ice cream pyramid!

You just made very nice pyramid of vacherin,... really impressive for the guests, ready in advance, and usually, really appreciated by everyone!
Decorate vacherin with whipped cream, fresh fruit, macarons, some meringues or candies! Serve with a red berries sauce.

Let me know if you try this recipe, because, I'm sure you'll get the congratulations from everybody!!!

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