Come back,...

Hi everybody!

I´ve been out for a long time now,... I´ve just checked my last post was the 7th of May!!!!!
Life is sometimes ovrwelhming if you do not take care of you!
Even if I did no have time to write, I did cook these past weeks, and I will try to catch now, that I have less work,... or suppose to!

First, I would like to show you my amazing birtrhday cake!!!!! My birthday was the 20th of May, some weeks ago, and I prepared a really yummy cake for my colleagues! All of them treated me so kindly, they deserve a special cake!
Of course, I also made some party home, and cook some special and new things, like my mini sausage croissant!
And as my friends start to know me, here in Haarlem, they made the best gift I ever dreamed of..... a PASTA MACHINE!!!!
Of course, I already tried it, even if I did not have some much free time lately! I prepared some fettucine and I will tell you my first experience!
I also finally have the confirmation of the schedule of my cooking classes in Haarlem this autumn, and I will tell you more!

A lot of things to tell, wine tastings are also getting started, and I want to share my last wine experience with you!

Let´s start and catch up!


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