Enate wine tasting,....

For the 60's birthday of Berta's mother, I went to her place in Alcalá de Henares and made a great wine tasting for her family!
Berta is one of my best friend in Madrid, a kind of second soul, with who I shared food and work, happiness and hard moments!
It was a honour for me to do this tasting with all her family!

The wines chosen by her father were:
- Cabernet- Merlot 2007
- Tempranillo - Cabernet Crianza 2005
- Cabernet Reserva 2003

Enate is a one of my recommendation for who wants to try something different from Rioja and Ribera del Duero.
Somontano is a growing PDO, thanks to his good understanding of the current market. The wines from this region located at the foot of the Pyrenees, are fruity and easy to enjoy as people are looking for nowdays!

Enate never disappoint you and it´s a safe selection when the card is not so detailed! Finally, it is really affordable, and make the choice all the more easy, of course!

The first wine, the 2007, was not so complex but we can find gooseberry among the red fruits. The tasting was finding violet, pepper and vainilla,... not really obvious for me,...

The second one, was more interesting!
We can find more flavours, heading by  ripened red fruits, like strawberry, and some more barrels hints: toast, vainilla,... the mouth was a little bit sharper and perhaps a little bit more difficult to drink.
Matched with Iberico ham, Iberico loin and cheese, it was perfect!

The last wine, was absolutely exciting!!!!!
The Cabernet, here was really surprising as I like it! A lot of flavours, the red fruits here were stewed, a subtile hint of mint, refreshing, and bay leaf as well as pepper.
The final in mouth revealed some tobacco and toast flavour!
I really enjoyed it, it was balanced and long,...

Lolita, Berta's mum, cooked and wonderful rabo de toro, a traditionnal Spanish oxtail stew,... amazing! A perfect match with this last wine!

I highly recommend you to try Enate wines, if you do not know them, and for the ones who know them, go fro the Cabernet Reserva 2003!!!!


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