Mini Sausage Croissant

Do you remember I was complaining because in the Netherlands, I cannot find the ready to use puffy pastry?
I was still thinking about it when I started to plan my birthday party,... May is a busy month, with a lot of visits and trips, taking profit of the good weather. So, my time to cook was really reduced these weeks, but still, I could not think about cancelling my birthday party, and could not accept to buy already-made food!!!!!

One day, I was just having a walk into the supermarket while my boyfriend was helping for the shopping and started to look for  what I could use as support food/preparation to save time! I realized that if we cannot find pastry, we do find fresh croissant pastry ready to be cooked and pizza pastry. I bought both of them and and decide to use it as basis!

I bought 1 tin of croissant and 1 tin of Frankfurt sausages (worst in Dutch!).
I opened the croissant, and spread the pastry (this is really funny to do!!!!). I wrap the sausages in it and stick the borders passing my wet finger along the borders and pressing a little bit both sides.
Then I just cut the wrap in small bites and brush the top of each one with some whisked egg. The yolk of the egg will give to our mini wrap a golden finish, really appealing!!!!!

Place the mini wrap on a baking tray, with enough space between each one!

Put it in the oven for 10/15 minutes at 220ÂșC. Take care, the pastry will really rise quickly, so keep an eye on it!

When the mini sausage croissant is toasted, take it out and let it cool down! Serve it with some mustard dip and glass of wine! The taste is not sweet at all, and the guys will love it!!!!!

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