Spicy nuts

A very easy and quick tip to turn your aperitif in a fancy and "I did it myself" show with no more than 5 minutes work!
This look like an American commercial, I know!

In the Netherlands, but also in Spain and France, to serve nuts is quite usual for the aperitif.

The Dutch people really fancy nuts and you can find a really wide range of fried and salted nuts as well as every kind of salted crackers everywhere!

France, is perhaps less fancy with nuts, but the most traditional aperitif includes salted peanuts and chips!
Spain, instead would offer almonds and "quiquos", fried corn, but also pipas (sunflower seeds) as the most popular nuts offered with the apertivo!

Personally, my favourite nuts are hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts! But I don´t like the ready fried and salted ones,... I like it raw or grilled.

In order to bring something new for your guests, now that all of us are watching football for the next weeks, why not, to propose some home-made mix?

Choose your favourite nuts and put in a fried pan, with no oil or butter,... the pure nuts, and grill them for 5 minutes, till they get toasted. Take care, and do not forget to shake your fried pan in order the nuts can be toasted all around but not burned. 

Just before taking it out of the heat, add some curry powder, ginger powder, paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, or whatever spicy you like! Some salt and pepper as you like it, and that is it!

You have just prepared your own recipe of spicy nuts! The last time I had it on the table, I think it disappeared in 5 minutes!!!!

Come, let´s start to cook together, I am sure you can!

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