Maceiras, the Galician taste in Madrid

C/ Huertas, 66
28014 Madrid
Phone: 914 295 818

Maceiras is one of the first places I discovered in Madrid, 8 years ago, and still he´s one of my favorite place here!
It´s a tricky place actually,... You go there for the cheap seafood, but you can be annoyed by the packed place, the lack of kindness of the service or, just the whole hour you spent outside waiting for a table!

You start to know me, and with what I have just said, now perhaps, you do not understand how I can still like this place,... I will give you the tips to go to this tapas bar and take profit of 100% of it offers!

As many fashion places in Madrid, you cannot book a table, so first come first basis is the word. What does it mean? In order to be sure to get a table, you have to be there before 21h00! At this sharp time, the restaurant will fill up in 10 minutes, then, you will have to wait outside till a table gets free!
Another tip is that you can find another Maceiras, just around the corner, c/ Jesús, 7. This is the original one when they started years ago. It´s smaller usually get packed as well, but think about it in case you go short of time!

The Maceiras is an authentic Galician restaurant, you will only find Galician products on the menu! So forget to ask for a Coke or a Fanta,... it does not exist there! Actually, do you know where is Galicia? I called Galicia the Normandy of Spain. This region is situated in the North-West part of Spain, and it´s really different from the rest of the country,... Mountains, green meadows as far as you can see,... Galicia is famous for its seafood, but also the good quality of the meat. You will hear bagpipes players and will drink cider,... It´s like a peace of Northern Europe in Spain, with a lot of Celtic roots of course!

But let´s come back to Madrid, and the tapas bar! The menu proposes plenty of steamed seafood, served in a small stainless trays, a tender beef entrecote you can share also, empanada gallega (fish or seafood pie), pulpo (octopus), and pimientos del padrón (special variety of bell peppers)....
Usually when I go there, I have some pulpo. This octopus! Are you making a face? I did the first time! I was not really used to eat this kind of thing in my place! You should really try it! It´s soft and tasty, simply prepared and served with coarse sea salt, pimenton (paprika), olive oil and a steamed potatoes. You will be surprised and I´m sure you will like it! This is probably the most famous dish in Galicia, and you will find in a lot of places,... not always, very well done. In the Maceiras, I never had problem, even, if I have to admit that the quality of the kitchen dropped is more inequal since some years.
An always sure choice: mussels, cocks, razor shells, steamed or "a la marineira"! Delicious, healthy and good for your diet!
I usually also have pimientos de padrón these small fried green bell peppers. I love it! You just have to take care as some of them are spicy,... but execpt this small detail, lovely!
You will find a large choice of dessert, or perhaps a display of the different Galician cheese would appeal you better to finish your dinner!

Have a beautiful white wine: Godello, Ribeiro, Albariño,... they are all white wines, dry and fruity,... I love them all!

About the service, there is nothing to do, they always been unkind,... just don´t expect anything!

But when you will have drank 1 bottle of wine and had 4 large tapas among 4 guests and only pay 15 Euros per person, do you really care about the waiters??????????


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