Papas arrugas

This is the most emblematic tapa from the Canary islands. Potatoes served with 2 local sauces: mojo picón y mojo verde!

But the best of this dish is that is easy and cheap to cook!

Let´s go, with 1kg of small potatoes, well washed and not peeled (I love that, less work! and more vitamins for you).
 Gather in a pan, the potatoes, with 1L of water and a lot of salt. Traditionally, the Canarian people was cooking the potatoes with sea water. Cook it for 20 minutes at strong heat. Check if the potatoes are cooked and stick it with a fork.
When cooked, remove the water, and keep the potatoes in the pan a very low heat for 10 more minutes, covered. Move every time in a while the pan in order the potatoes can roll. You will get this specific wrinkle aspect that gives the name of the dish! (arrugadas= wrinkled).

The potatoes are always served with 2 special sauces: el mojo picón y el mojo verde!
They are 2 sauces made with garlic olive oil, cumin, and vinegar. One is flavoured with pimentón (paprika) and the other one with fresh coriander!

To prepare the Mojo picón, the red sauce, gather in a mixer 3garlic cloves, 1 tea spoon of cumin, cayenne pepper (not too much, if you do not want to loose all the flavours!), salt and pepper, 1 table spoon of vinegar and 15 table spoons of olive oil. Mix it till get a thick, like alioli sauce. Add 2 tea spoons of paprika and mix! If you want it more red, add a little a bit of tomato sauce. It´s ready!

For the mojo verde, the green sauce, gather 3 garlic cloves, 1 tea spoon of cumin, salt and pepper, 1 table spoon of vinegar and 15 table spoons of olive oil. Finally ad a bunch of fresh coriander. Mix all together. It´s ready.

Serve the papas arrugas in a tray and then the 2 sauces,.... it´s delicious and so easy to do! Have a bite of Canarian paradise with the papas arrugas,....

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