Where did you eat your best steak in the world?

Last month, flying back from Edimburgh in the early foggy morning, I was reading the inflight magazine of Easyjet. I did my last flights with this company, not that I love it, because they are always late, at least when they go to Amsterdam, but because of course, it´s still quite cheap if you book it in advance,...
I already found a couple a interesting articles about food there earlier in the year, but the one that I will quote today, is a very important one!
The article was talking about the best steak you can eat in the world!!!!!
Do you know where it is? In Spain!

10 years ago, you were asking what I prefer between fish and meat, I would have said FISH! A steak? It does not have any attractive for me. Then I met one of my most dearest friend and colleague, Pedro Barba.
 This 65 years old butcher taught me to enjoy the meat and to recognise a high quality meat! Together we travelled the world to promote the Serrano ham, and most of the time, we were together for dinner, discovering new food!

So, today, if I should choose between a good T bone steak and fish,... I would probably go for the meat!
For me the best I ever had, was in New York. I did eat wonderful steaks in a lot places, Japan, France, Spain, etc.... but the best steak I ever had in my life, was in New York, at the Gallagher's!
We found this place by chance, the afternoon we just landed in NY,... a lot of years ago. We were tired by the flight and jet lag, and were hungry. At the entrance, the window gives you a view of the aging chamber were hundreds of pieces of meat were waiting to tender and be ready to be eaten...
My mouth is watering,...

There is another place, I always wanted to go and never could make it, The Peter Luger in Brooklyn. It seems that is also one of the best in town,...

Spain also have a very high quality meat. One of my favourite is the Retinta meat. It´s a special breed from Extremadura and the meat is really flavourfull and special. For Pedro, I know that his best steak is somewhere in Zamora, even if he never brought me there, I heard him so much time to talk about it, that it is one of my priority on my destination list!
But it seems that new hit for the steak is in Spain. I do not say it, The Times says it! Exactly, the restaurant called El Capricho in Leon. Who would like to join for a special trip to the Norhern countryside of Spain???? I'm dying to try this extraordinary steak!

Anyway, I suppose we all have a favourite place in the world to have your steak! Like all of us have a special place in the world! Where did you eat your best steak in your entire life?


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