Bento Lunch box, or my Japanese salad

A very quick recipe, really nice if you like Japanese food like me!
It's a perfect one to bring to lunch at the office, healthy, light and with all the nutriments you need to face the working afternoon!

The salad is made with Teryaki chicken, basmati rice, cucumber and wakame. I cooked on medium heat a chicken fillet cut in small pieces in a fried pan with Teryaki sauce. No oil, no butter,...
In the meanwhile, I cooked 1 glass of Basmati rice in salted boiling water.
When the chicken is ready, I let it cool. The same for the rice.
Then in a bowl, get together the chicken and the rice, add 1/3 of cucumber (peeled and cut in pieces). Add wakame (or any seaweed you can have available in your grocery store).
For the dressing, mix, 2 tbs. of Teryaki sauce,  2 tbs of soy sauce (kikkoman, stays my favorite), 1 tbs. of Sesame oil (or Olive oil), pepper, sesame seeds. Pour the sauce on the top and it's ready!

This was my lunch yesterday, and I ate before I could take a photo, i hope you would not be disappointed, and you will let you imagination runs free and prepare your own salad!

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