Agar-Agar Aspics

Now that we knows the secrets of the fabulous agar-agar, let´s try some easy recipe!

I will choose the traditional aspics, my dad loves and is used to prepare at home. This is a traditional French charcuterie dish.

Choose some small bowls or ramekins. Spread some oil on the inside sides.

Prepare a broth with tablets or homemade (I will always prefer the homemade one, of course!) with some water till boiling.

In the meanwhile, prepare the ingredients you want to put in your aspics. Dad is always doing this combination: cooked ham, boiled eggs and parsley. 
But of course, you can just put whatever you feel like! I f you have time, small pieces of vegetables can give more color and better presentation as well. For example, some carrot slice nicely carve makes colourful flower you will place at the bottom of the ramekin.
You can imagine any kind of combination for the aspics:
- Meat ideas: rabbit with tarragon,  chicken with parsley and tarragon or paté and cooked ham.
- Veggies: chickpeas, sherry tomatoes and herbs, bell peppers, olives, dried tomatoes and goat cheese.
- Seafood: shrimps, fish fillet, mussels and leak,...

When the broth it´s boiling, sprinkle the agar-agar powder and stir constantly during 1 min. Take the pan off the heat and let it cool down a little bit. Pour 1 mm of the broth in the bottom and place your vegetables or what you want on the top of the aspics.
 Place all your ingredients smartly inside your ramekin.

 You will see that quickly the liquid is thickening. Pour the broth into the ramekins and fill them gently.

When the liquid is already cold, place the ramekin in the fridge. In less than 30 min, your starter is ready!
If you put the mold under hot water, it will be really easy to unmold the aspics! This is a very nice starter in summer with some green leaves.

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