Chocolate Coulant,....

This is the desserts best seller in the restaurants. If you are fanatic of chocolate, you will die for this recipe!  Do you know actually, what coulant means in French? It means running,... when you have your spoon getting into the smooth chocolate cake and then the heart of it starts to run,....
Don't think it's complicated to do! Not at all, and it is quick!
So now, I will give you the secret and you only have to repeat it at home!
This is the dessert I will do for my boyfriend for San Valentine!

For 2 persons, you need:
- 100 grs. of chocolate + 4 spare chocolate squares (at least 56% of cocoa content, and more if you like strong taste!)
- 1 egg
- 40 grs of sugar
- 25 grs of butter
- 1 tbs. of wheat flour
- pinch of cinnamon or black pepper

First melt the chocolate. For this, the best technique for me is to put your chocolate in a bowl and add hot water. Cover for 5 minutes. Then, slowly,  throw away the liquid and keep the chocolate melted and ready to be use.
Add to chocolate, the egg, sugar, flour, and melted butter and mix everything properly. Add some flavor if you like to. I really love the black pepper with the dark chocolate.

Use small individual mold, like ramekin. Spread butter inside the sides and pour 1/3 of the mixture in the ramekin. Then let it in the fridge if you are not going to eat the coulant right away. You can prepare the mixture in advance, and you will only have to cook it at the last moment (10 min before service!).
When you are having the main dish, switch on the oven at 180ºC and finish to prepare the coulant. Add 2 squares of chocolate and pour the rest of the mixture on the top.

Put 10 minutes in the oven, and it is ready!!!! You can serve it with a custard cream or fruit coulis and decorate your plate with some mint leave, chantilly cream or sugar powder,...


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