Easy chocolate cheese cake

Or Juan Pablo Birthday's cake!
Juan Pablo was my neighbour in Madrid. He's a really special guy and we love to spend time together, sipping wine, listening at Rufus Wainwright and talking about life, philosophy and loving situation helping each other to go on.
So I thought he need a special cake that could reflect how he is and what he expects in this life,... this is my proposal,... careful it is highly addictive!

- 200 grs. cookies
- 100 grs. butter
- 3 soup spoons of sugar free cocoa
- 200 grs. dark chocolate
- 50 Cl. milk
- 100 Ml cream
- 2 eggs
- 50 grs. sugar (could be doubled)
- 50 grs. candied orange peel

Put the oven at 170ÂșC

Crash the cookies and mix it with the cocoa powder. Warm the butter and once it’s liquid, wait to cool up a little bit. Add the cookies mix with the butter and make a paste. Put this paste in a round baking pan and let it cool totally in the fridge for 30 min.

Then, you mix the milk and the cream in a pan and let it boil.
In the meanwhile, you grate the chocolate.
Once, the milk and cream are boiled, put it away from the heat, and add the chocolate stirring in order that the chocolate gets melted. 
Let it cool. This is important, because, you cannot mix eggs with hot preparation, it could just cook the eggs and make your preparation going bad.

Mix well the eggs with the sugar.
Add the milk to the eggs and keep on mixing it well.

Take out the cookie base from the fridge and slice some orange Peel in dices that you spread on it.

Then, put on the chocolate cream and put it on the oven for 30 min.

Serve it cold with a sweet red wine and orange salad!


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