De Vijff Vlieghen restaurant in Amsterdam

 Spuistraat 294-302
1012 VX Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 53 04 060
F: +31 (0)20 62 36 404

I was told by Spanish friend of mine, Alex, a great gourmet traveller that this restaurant was amazing! So I was curious to try it for a long time... I had to wait to have my uncle and aunt coming for visit in Amsterdam to finally book a table at the Vijff Vlieghen!

It is ideally located in the center of Amsterdam and I have to say that the first impression was really good! We entered in a old, dark wooden and sinuous restaurant. Old books, old bottles, everything old and charming inside!
The service was absolutely fantastic! Nice, efficient people. I haven't had this feeling here in the Netherlands for ages,... I felt well received!

The menu suits to every taste, fish, meat. The wine list looked also quite complete.
We chose a 3 courses menu for 35.5 Euros.
I had for starter, thin cold slices of veal with a potatoes mousse, truffle mayonnaise and olive oil cubes. Then, as main course, I had a fried robin fish fillet with potatoes, tapenade and weeds.
The food was good, really good, specially the fish. I enjoyed it, but felt really heavy at the end of the dinner.
To close, I chose to go for a cheese platter, and I was a little bit disappointed with the quality.

Around us, there was only American people. A very touristic place indeed.

I have to say that is far away, a high quality restaurant and the experience was nice. Highly recommended if you want to bring foreign visitors to have a good and nice experience in Amsterdam. Perfect, for a business dinner.

Now, the heavy feeling in my stomach after the dinner, and actually the fact that I had potatoes for starter and main, let me a little bit disappointed,... as well as the quality of the cheese.


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