Haarlem Culinair 2011

 Next week, from Thursday at 17h00, starts the new edition of the Haarlem Culinair for 4 days of food experience! This is one of the hottest spot of the summer in Haarlem, one of the most culinary city in the Netherlands!
This ¨culinair¨festival is first a good opportunity to meet together with friends and family and try new restaurants and discover new food. 13 restaurants are participating this year, some of them new at this festival!
For me, it will be a perfect occasion to try new cuisine and check what will be my next step!

The list of the restaurants is:
  • De Hoop op d’ Swarte Walvis
  • Flamboyant: Indonesian cuisine; I actually like it very much and I am used to bring my friends to discover Indonesian cuisine there.
  • De Jopenkerk :my experience at the Jopenkerk restaurant was not exactly fantastic, so, I will perhaps give them another change next week at the festival. Want to know more? Check my review!
 In addition to the restaurants market, you will also have a beer market on Sunday the 7th on the Botermarkt! From 12h30 till 17h30, you will be able to taste and try beers from 9 small breweries! The experience is worthy as well, do not miss it!
Finally, a SLOW market will also take place on Sunday in the Oude Groenmakt and the Klokhuisplein, with a lot of gourmet food!

If you need some help to organize your visit in Haarlem during these days, let me know, and I will help you! Be aware that the restaurants are absolutely full during the weekend, and I recommend you to come early or get prepared for a late dinner if you do not want to spend too much time waiting!

I hope to see you there and enjoy some good food and wines!


Yesterday, I've been at Karmeliet (not bad), Madame Marlie (disppointing!) and then to De Hoop op de Swarte Walvis and Vis and Ko, really enjoyable!!!!
So my favorite for now, is Vis&Ko!!!!!
next round on Sunday!
Did you go to the Culinair? Any comment?

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