Karmozijn Restaurant in Haarlem

Gierstraat 69
2011 GC Haarlem
Phone: 023 542 10 95

I finally had dinner at Karmozjin last week,... what to say? Fabulous food but too Dutch customer service for me!

My friend Caroline wanted to show me this restaurant, as both of us are fan of good wines and food, and we went for dinner together.
The place is old fashioned like French restaurant, really nice. The Chef Ton, is also the one who care about the service in the room.
You hardly can find the restaurant in this busy shopping street in the center of Haarlem. I noticed a couple of time, and then I went in one day to pick a card,... a rude chef told me that he did not have any card, and that I can find info about the restaurant on Internet,... at that point, I gave up to try it. Even if the Gault et Millau recommendation was standing on the door,...

Caroline gave me the opportunity to taste it!
Before starting we had a small mussels bitterballen! Creative, tasty and fun! I liked it a lot.
I went for a lamb and quail terrine with truffles dressing for starter. I tried the salmon terrine as well, and I liked it more.
Then we shared some perfectly cooked scallops with fried asparagus,.... I haven't had for a long time such a perfect cooking! The scallop was amazing!
Then, I had the turbot, with prawns and a celery puree. Really refined, even if the fish was fried again. I liked the way it was done, because, only one side of the fish was fried, and it was good,... but it was too much for me, after the bitterballen and the scallops, all fried!

We finished with a beautiful cheese plate, with high quality cheeses!

What did we had with all this? We started with a beautiful champagne, Tarlant Zero and then, we had the privilege to try the Silex 2004 from Dagueneau! Wow!

In conclusion, the quality of the raw material is top, the cuisine is fine, the wine selection impressive,.... but a big effort should be made on the service to make me come back,...

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