Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid

Do you know the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid?

In a couple of years it became the hot spot to go out for tapas in the center of Madrid!
It is situated in the heart of the Austrian district, just behind the Plaza Mayor. 
You get into a beautiful Modern Art style building of blue cover skeleton and high windows panes.
The place is welcoming and nice. You then push the door and get into a always crowded and noisy place where people are going from one stall to another, wait to order, drink in the alleys some white wine or fresh beer,...
You can find ??? bars and shops where you can order separately drinks and tapas. Each place is specialized in some kind of tapas: fish, canapes, olives, meats, oysters, and even sushis!
In the middle you will find a large space with tables and seats where you can enjoy your discovery.

Despite the fact that is always busy and you have to wait to get whatever you fancy, the atmosphere is nice and informal, but smart!

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