Toscanini in Amsterdam

Lindergracht 75
1015 KD Amsterdam
T: 020 62 32 813

I was recommended to try the Italian restaurant Toscanini in Amsterdam,... my friend Christian with who I often go to restaurant to try was getting tired, I think to hear me all the time that the food was not good, price to expensive,... all the time, wherever you go in the Netherlands, you pay much more for less quality!

So this weekend, he brought me to the Toscanini,...
This is a long and big restaurant, with a lots of light coming from a crystal roof, and with a nice old fashioned deco.
We get a table quite in front of the open kitchen where 5 chefs are working in front of us.
The first thing that drives my attention is that there is white cotton tablecloths on the table. I like it,... I missed so much to seat at a table with a nice tablecloth!
The waiter is paying attention to us all the time, and he is efficient and nice!

I love to be seated in front of the kitchen! For me, it is like a show! I love to be around in the kitchen when chefs are working! I still remember when I had dinner at La Broche with some French journalist, seated on the guest table in the kitchen and seeing like 20 chefs running and working! This is my first amazing memory!!!! Another good one, is when I was at the CIA congress in Sta. Helena in California, where all the best chefs of Spain where cooking at the same time,....

So, when I sat at the table in the Caffe Toscanini, I decided that it would be a good night and we ordered a glass of Prosecco,... that was good!!!!
I usually do not fancy Prosecco, but it was really good!

We had some antipasti, very nice as well and then we ordered some pasta. Ravioli ricotta and bets with a salvia, lemon and butter sauce and some Lamb ragù linguine,... Both were homemade pasta, al dente and delicious! Specially, the ravioli, had a great mix of flavours!

Then we shared a big grilled beef steak,...good quality meat, even if it was not enough fat for me, well cooked,... we really enjoyed!
We finished with some homemade tartufo and semifreddo, really nice!
I chose a rosé wine from the Alto Adige, that was really fruity and fresh! (Langrein Kretzer 2010)

We finished with some moscato grappa,...absolutely delicious!

The final price is absolutely out of my budget and exaggerated: 95 Euros per person!
But I had a beautiful experience!!!!! I really recommend anyone to have a real and great Italian food to go there!

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