Red fruit sauce

Didn't you have times when you run out of time, but still wants to prepare something nice for your guests or yourself?
This is what happened to me yesterday night. I was in charge of making the dessert, and did not have time at all to cook something sophisticated.

My friend Alessandro did cook the dinner. He is from Catania, in Sicily and loves food, wines and opera! He prepared for us a beautiful pasta dish called Pasta alla Norma, a recipe created in honor of the opera La Norma. He is really into details and I was concerned how I could after such a master piece, come with an not homemade dessert,...

I give you the trick to impress your friends with few things,...

For an improvise dessert, for 6 persons you need:

- ice cream, a vanilla one is perfect and always good to have in the freezer!
- 2 tbs. of blackburrant jam (you can use any other jam that suits with your fruits)
- 100 grs of blackberries
- 100 grs of raspberries
- 100 grs of strawberries

In this occasion, I used fresh fruits, but it is also quite handy to have some frozen fruits that you can use whenever you want!

First of all, we kindly wash the fruits. Then we cut the strawberries in small pieces. We place in a sauce pan all the fruits together and the jam. We warm at low heat for 5 minutes, stirring slowly.
After 5 minutes, your sauce is already ready. We let it cool 5 minutes.

In the meanwhile, we put in small bowls 2 scoops of ice cream and then we top it with our red fruit sauce.
Add a cookie and it is ready!

If you want a version a little bit more spicy, you can add in the sauce pan while you cook the fruit some vanilla, black pepper, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, etc...

You can also use other kind of fruits, jams and spices mix. For example:

- apple (avoid the granny smith variety), pear, orange jam and cinammon
- peach, apricot, honey and rosemary
- figs,  apple sherry jam, and  pepper, vanilla or cinnamon

Perhaps, you do have a nice combination idea! Please share it with everybody!

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