Where are the best markets in Madrid

After Barcelona, Madrid renovates its markets. Markets were the traditional spot where housewives were going to buy fresh vegetables, fish and meat.

In Spain the markets are in big halls. You will not find the outside stalls as you can find in France or other European countries. The hot climate forced to protect the fresh products in the buildings.
So you get like in a mall and find all kind of stalls and products. 10 years ago, these places were usually left behind, a little bit dirty and dark.

Mercado de La Boqueria in Barcelona instead is a Spanish icon of the high quality food you can find in the country. This impressive market, turned tourist interest into food and quality products. This is this market that inspired and made most the markets around renovated.

Madrid, came later to the trend but with double force! Nothing else to say when you arrive in front of the Mercado de San Miguel! This modern art building of metal and crystal is absolutely beautiful!
The market changed drastically and now is more a fashion tapas spot than a market, but the atmosphere is similar!

If you want to discover more markets in Madrid and get a real touch of the Spanish culture, have a look to one of the following markets here: 

Mercado de San Antón: c/ Augusto Figueroa 24; the new hot spot of the capital! This market was totally renovated and change into a 3 floors gastronomic space including gourmet shops on the 1st two floors, and then a 3rd floor with tapas bars. On the roof, you find the most fashion terrace of the year!
Mercado de San Miguel: Plaza de San Miguel; read more here!

Mercado de Chamartín: c/ Bolivia 9; for me the best place to buy fresh products! 

Mercado de la Paz: c/ Ayala 28; the posh and gourmet market of the city. You are sure to find the best quality product from everywhere. I also like it a lot because it is in the center and better located than Chamartín. You will also find around the best gourmet shops of the capital: Embassy, Mantequerías Arias, Frutería Vazquez,....

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