Bazar restaurant in Rotterdam

Witte de Withstraat 16, 
Phone +31-(0)10-2065151

Or Albert Cuypstraat, 182 in Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20-6750544

Rotterdam is not a city where I often go,...the truth is, that I religiously come once year to Rotterdam for a very special event that takes place at the end of each January: the Rotterdam Film Festival!

I really enjoy this festival where during 2 weeks you can see the best movies from all over the world! The movies selection let place to intellectual, artistic, not so well known and worldwide movies! The festival takes place during 2 weeks, and since I live in the Netherlands, I joined a group of girlfriends that are going every year to spend 1 day watching movies and sharing a special moment!
Our festival usually ends with a nice dinner somewhere in Rotterdam! This year we picked up the Arab cuisine at the Bazar!

When you enter the place, besides the noise of the people spread over 3 floors, you directly focus on the many different Arab style lanterns hanging in the staircase in front of the entrance that look like back bone of the restaurant! 
A lots of group of young people are already enjoying dinner, and we seat the 7 of us,  little bit packed together, but ready to enjoy the night! The service is extremely efficient and quick! All around, you have the feeling to be in a souk market, a lots of lights, and decorations, lots of music and noise, lots of people around! This is the perfect place to start a Saturday night!

I shared with my friend Marta a Bizar Bazar dish, which is a skewer of different kind of meats served in a big bowl of flavoured rice and served with a chick peas and veggie sauce, yogurt dip, fresh thinly cut herbs, and some french fries! The meats are tasty and juicy, and everything is really good. Of course, don´t expect haute cuisine, but I found quite tasty and honest!

Check the menu here and start to mouth water!

We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the atmosphere!

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