Dodici in Haarlem

Smedestraat 47
2011 RE Haarlem
Telefoon: 023 - 532 86 86
Where to go for light diner and a first cocktail before going out in Haarlem?
Follow the ladies! They will bring you at the Dodici bar on the Grote Markt, half night bar, half restaurant.
On the weekend, you will find the place packed with girls and trendy young people from the Noord-Holland capital, either sipping a fancy cocktail or tasting an original bite!

A narrow and long bar with a quite cozy atmosphere created by low lights and warm chocolate color for the furniture; a modern setting with a special attractive point: the waiters!

Now you understand why the place is packed with ladies! Young, cute and attentive waiters, paced around in the room and behind the long bar! Even the chefs who are at the end in the open kitchen are just awesome, and you don´t know if you should better look at their skills or a their angels faces!

I did not realize this till I get seated on a table watching left and right and checking that the main stream was feminine!
I found it funny! 5 minutes before, I had been totally seduced by the smile of one of these waiters who attended me so well,... you know, when someone makes you really feel special!... till I discover he was probably repeating the same smile to all of the customers around!!!!!

The menu propose several small dishes, quite original, and not to expensive. I would say that the menu is quite suitable for ladies as well! For example, the entrecote is served in 4 or 5 small chunks beautifully presented,... perfect for the girls. 
I decided to choose the hamburger, and before I had some crostini. Both were freshly made and nice.
I shared the dessert, a cheese cake
I like the fact to have freshly made dish,... they are prepared quite in front of you! The menu is enough interesting to please everyone. The plate decoration is always cared and this what we like at Dodici! They take care of you!

For drinks, you can choose from a nice list of wines from everywhere in the world!
You can also ask for some fancy cocktails, and they usually quite ok!

The price is really reasonnable, so just go! Even for a drink only or a coffee!

So now, you know where to go in Haarlem when you fancy a small bite with girl friends (or if you want to meet girls!)! Enjoy, and feel free to share with us your experience at Dodici if you know the place!

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mmm... really cool! cheers! Alma from Madrid.

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