Loetjes Café in Overveen

Bloemendaalseweg, 260
2050 GN Overveen
Tel: 023-52 77 457 

There is nothing more important to get together with your girlfriends once a month and just chit chat and share problems, kindness, fun and some good food and wine!

My friend Nada, newly mom chose the Hotel Loetje in Overveen, close by Haarlem. The day was sunny, and it was great to sit outside for a first drink.

The place is nicely decorated and welcoming. A lot of waiters, started to put us under pressure because we only had from 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm to have dinner... They work with 2 shifts, the first one at 6:00 pm and the 2nd one from 8:00 pm. Unfortunately, when we booked the table, they were not clear about it. Besides, how come you can get 8 ladies together, half Spanish, and the other half with small kids????? Impossible to be on time!
Plus, the last thing you want to do after a stressful working day, is to be stressed and eat quickly your dinner,...

So we were started to be a little bit disappointed,... though, at that point, I need to say that the team of people at the restaurant worked efficiently and attended us very well! And they found a solution in order we can stay longer at the table! I can tell you that is not that often that restaurants make your life easier and treat you well! So, I really appreciated it!

For food, I chose the biefstuk and we had some salad, fries, mushrooms, and other side dishes to go with it. I was a little bit scared when I get served a nice piece of meat alone in a plate, full of a butter jus, that was absolutely not appeal in my opinion!
I was told for years now, that cooked butter is bad for your health,... and even if it is delicious,... I could not eat it!

Something, really interesting about the meat, that I also appreciated, was that the cooking was medium rare by default. You could ask for something else, but the waiter was in advance telling you that meat would come like that. For normal people, this could sound like a small detail,... but I know very well meat, and love it! The way that it has to be cooked, is like this!

We finished the dinner with some desserts, chocolate mousse, sticky toffee cake, crème brûlée,... It was ok. I would recommend to go for the crème brûlée,... the other desserts did not convince me so far,...

If you already went at Loetje, perhaps, you can share with us your experience and let us know what you think about it! Please feel free to leave a comment after the post!

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