Tabouleh Festival

Summer is here, it is official with a temperature over 30 degrees Celsius, the Dutch people feels like to be in the Sahara!
With this hot weather, you feel more like having fresh salads and this afternoon I prepared to new version of my tabouleh!
You can find the original recipe in the older post How to make a Stephi's tabouleh.

2012 calls new ideas and innovation and I want to share with youn 2 easy recipes for the summer!
My last trips inspired me an Asian Tabouleh, really easy to make and so refreshing!

For 4 persons, you need:
- 4 glasses of bulghur
- 2 glasses of orange juice
- 1 lemon juice
- 2 carrots
- 1 handful of blond raisins
- some cashew nuts
- 1 tea spoon of freshly grated ginger
- 1 handful of coriander, mint and shiso if you can find it
- 1 tbs. olive oil
- Salt and pepper

In a bowl, get gather the grated carrots, ginger,  the orange juice, lemon and all the rest of the ingredients. Mix well everything with a fork, put a film on top and let in in the fridge at least 30 minutes. Past this time, mix again and it is ready!

The freshness of the ginger and the herbs, especially the shiso, a typical Japanese herb with that taste like Thai basil, turn the oriental tabouleh in a totally far east dish you will adopt for this summer!

Another refreshing version is the Green Tabouleh!

For 4 persons, you need:
- 4 glasses of bulghur
- 1/2 lemon juice
- 1/2 grated courgette
- 100 grs of cooked peas
- 1 handful of all kind of herbs
- Salt & pepper

Grate the raw courgettes with a coarse grate. Get together all the ingredients, mix and let in the fridge for 30 minutes at least. I put the following fresh herbs sliced thinly: chives, basil, mint, parsley.

The taste is also really refreshing and the herbs are just great!
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