Vis & Ko restaurant in Haarlem

Spaarne 96
2011 CL Haarlem



Do you know what is the best place in Haarlem to taste the best fish?
This is the sea palace, Vis and Ko! Along the Spaarne river, you will find this deep cave, like a peaceful shelter where one of the most refined cuisine can be found in Haarlem.

I am not that enthusiastic, usually, I know,... but I really had an amazing experience there last week!

Vis and Ko is one of the most famous restaurant in Haarlem, and the good reputation of the restaurant is mainly thanks for the great chef who besides choosing the best fresh fish, also cooks it perfectly and marry it amazingly! It is fresh, creative, tasty and refined.

I love it! Yes, I do! I love the open kitchen overhanging on the open room. The high ceiling gives you a feeling of lightness, and you seat at the table already seduced. Except the fact the poor waitresses were a little bit too navy dressed up, they were absolutely sweet and helpful!

I went for the season dishes and started with a halibut fish perfectly cooked that it was melting in my mouth, top with  extra thin slice of smoked eel served with a sweet beetroot cream with a teryiaki sauce,... It was such a complex and beautiful balance between some Japanese taste, strong and smoky and the sweets of the beetroot!

As second, I had a cod with asparagus, a deep-fried egg, with sea aster and hollandaise sauce,... traditional, you would say! True, but when it is orchestrated so brilliantly, that I would eat it everyday! My best asparagus dish so far! The perfect cooking time again for the fish and the egg, that once opened did spread this intense yellow (free-range eggs!) cream that mix with he new potatoes and chives mash and the sauce, when the asters did give a bitter counterbalance to this creaminess,...

I had some strawberry Romanoff, fresh and light,... very nice.

My great company, a French new friend chose one of its favorite wine, a white Italian wine from the Vesuvio area, Greco di Tufo Feudi di San Gregorio 2010 ... mineral and complex, wonderful!

This is a pricey restaurant to reserved for special occasion, but an absolute amazing place to enjoy fish!

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