10 Crazy choco cakes easy and delicious!

This is a short list of my favorite chocolate recipes you can find on the blog. I get them together in order it is easier to screen them and choose one!

Then I realize that most of my chocolate cakes are dedicated to friends or lovers,... Chocolate cake is always a treat and a way to say "I care" or "I love you".
So if you want to say I love you, just pick up on of these recipe:

This recipe is quick and easy, but also quite special and intense. It is like a bomb of sensations: double chocolate and sea salt makes it unique and addictive! Great for a first date, or to be used as love potion,...

This is a kid and comfort cake, quick and easy to make,... you just go back to childhood,... perfect for a cocooning weekend in front of the fireplace with a good movie!

This is the cake I made for my chocolate-lover friend who had a cold,... intense chocolate and sponge texture

This is the chocolate cake who made me famous among my friends in Madrid,... Do you want to become a star? You will get more ¨likes¨ and friends with this recipe, than with Facebook! I can tell you! But feel also free to ¨like¨my Facebook page as well! I will reward my 100 fan with a chocolate cake!

I frequently look at Trish Desseine's recipes books, where I always find some quick and easy recipes,... Her chocolate cake is just amazing! A concentration of love and happiness for your family and beloved!

This is one of the first recipe I wrote, when I was still living in Madrid. I created this recipe for my neighbor, friend, and advertising agency (Juan Pablo all-in-one!) who deserved at least one chocolate cake! And not any kind of cake!

This is just a great cake for a birthday, with its almond and chocolate coat, it looks amazing!

This is a more complex recipe, but it is so worthy! The flavors and textures mix is quite amazing, with chocolate, meringue and chestnut cream. I created it for my friend Sole, one of the most complex and delicious woman I know!

This is like a monument,... it looks amazing, it tastes amazing, and it is easy and quick to prepare! Are you ready to impress your guests?

I kept this recipe as the last one,... this is the real love potion,... a concentration of kindness, sweet, intense, passionate,...Keep it for special occasions, and for this special person in your life who make you feel loved!

Extra cooking tips

How to be sure that the cake is enough cooked? 

I  always use this easy tip to check if the cake is ready, pinching a sharp knife in the centre of the cake. If the blade goes out clean, it´s ready!

How to make a quick and easy chocolate icing:

The chocolate coat is made with 100 grs of dark chocolate and 25 grs of butter. You have to melt really slowly the chocolate and add the butter when it´s hardly melted and stir cautiously.  

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