Variée restaurant in Haarlem

De Ruijterweg 26  
2014 AV Haarlem
Phone: 023 5444680

Some weeks ago, we went to try with the Meetup group this restaurant I chose, because I spent the last 2 years passing by but never stopping! It was time to discover the place and the cuisine.

The owners prepared us a special menu for our group and welcome us as I never had experienced in the Netherlands! I had a double feeling when I stepped in the restaurant, first that I was at home because our host made me feel at home! And then I also feel special and cared.

The freshly made menu was starting with some amuse-bouche: half date stuffed with a celery salad laying on a thin slice of watermelon. I really loved the creative and tasty mix.
Then, I started with a smoked chicken salad with roquefort cheese and dates. It was fresh and somehow lighter than what I expected, but the flavors were perfectly balanced.

We had a nice intermediate with a small strawberries sherbet with grapes.

Then, I chose the salmon with sesame and soy sauce. A fresh salmon specially baked for us. It was perfectly cooked, flavorful and tasty! Some side dishes were served besides.

For dessert, I had the pavlova with mascarpone and passion fruit sauce...De-li-cious!

The week before Variée won the house wine competition in Haarlem for the restaurant section for the red wine with Las Cañas 2009. Very nice and complex aromas of black fruits like blackberries, with some spices. Very balanced and nice!

The prices are really reasonable, the service is one of the best I´ve ever had, the food is homemade and fresh, and it is just a great place where to go as often as possible! Really loved it!
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