How to make a French Tatin Tart by Appetit Voyage

Tatin Tart by Appetit Voyage
Do you know what is a Tatin tart? This is one of the most famous French tart all over the world. The origin of this apple gets back to the 19th Century, in a small village in the centre of France when 2 sisters, Caroline and Stephanie (nothing to do with me though!) created this recipe by mistake. 

The story is uncertain and several versions exists, but like several other great recipes in France, this delicious dessert comes from an error!

This is perfect for me who is always experimenting, trying new combinations and variations of recipes!

The recipe is simple to do, I want to share it with you in order you can repeat it at home!

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:
- 1kgs of Apples
- 50 grs of butter
- 80 grs of raw sugar
- 1 puff pastry dough

Preheat the oven at 180ÂșC.
1/ First peel the apples and cut them in 2. Remove the seeds' heart.

2/ in a fried pan, at medium heat, melt the butter and once it is liquid sprinkle the sugar and lower the heat. Put the half apples in the pan, and let it cook 10 to 15 minutes at low heat till the sugar turns into caramel.
Be very cautious with the caramel as it can burn really quickly. So pay attention how the sugared butter changes color till it gets this golden and shiny gold caramel color.
Take off the heat and let it cool.

3/ In a tart mold, place the caramelized apples, the heart of the apple side up. When the apples are totally cool, place on top the puffy dough and cover the apples well tucking them like you tuck a blanket on the kids bed!

4/ Place in the oven for 30 minutes.

5/When the top dough is golden, take it out of the oven and let it cool a 10 minutes before to turn upside-down the tart for service.

You can serve the tart with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

5/ More ideas around the Tatin Tart

Apricots Tatin Tart by Appetit Voyage
You can change the apples for other fruits. 
For example, this weekend I took profit of the last apricots of the season and made an apricot tatin tart! You can use exactly the same proportion for the recipe. I just added a little bit of rosemary that I place with the butter and sugar when I cooked the apricots. 
I opened the apricots and took off the pit and place them in the pan with the skin in contact with the sugared butter. 
Then, I delicately slides them into the mold keeping them in the same position. It is quite easy with the caramel.
Then you proceed exactly like in the recipe.

You can serve this apricot tatin tart with a basil and lemon or amaretto ice cream..... delicious!
I hope you will cook this weekend and enjoy it with your family and friends! Let me know how was your special Tatin tart letting a comment at the bottom of the blog or on Facebook!

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