Yummy and Energizing Snacks Workshop

A ppetit Voyage
Yummy and Energizing Snacks
When the snack monster strikes, how do you let it win and still survive ?

We all face the same problem, at 11 am or 4 pm, the snack monster is crawling, demanding its chocolate bar or other snack!
Instead of eating anything from the vending machine and start to feel guilty, why don’t you join us for a funny workshop where Cecilia Gotherstrom will teach us how to grab a healthy snack and Stephanie Mazier will show you some easy and quick recipes of cookies, smoothies, muffins, breads and dips to turn your snack moment into an indulging healthy bite!

Sign up now and meet with the nutritionist and the cook for a funny afternoon!

A ppetit Voyage
Homemade bread
Programme of the workshop:
  • Welcome Smoothie: at your arrival, learn some good tips to make it yummy and healthy while you sip it!

  • Cooking the 4 recipes (cookies, muffins, bread, dips)

  • Snack bar creation: degustation and nutritionist tips to have always a healthy snack for the kids and at work.

  • Go back home with plenty of ideas and recipes all gathered in a nice booklet
Agenda: Saturday 9 February 2013

Timing:  From 2:00 pm to 5:oo pm

Price: 45 Euros

Cecilia and I are waiting for welcoming you and share with you our cooking and healthy tips to make your life easier, yummy and energizing!

Let me introduce you to our special guest nutritionist Cecilia Götherström:

My name is Cecilia Götherström, originally from Sweden and I have been living here in the Netherlands since 2002. Since 2009 I run my own business within the field of health, and am a certified Nutrionist and Yoga Teacher.

Nutrition, and how it can enhance health and performance while still being tasty and doable, has played a large part of my life since I was 11 years old. Since then it has always been a read thread in my life all the way through work in the hospitality industry, the multinational corporate life in the office and on the road and the past 3 years it has been my full time work - ranging everything from more serious health issues to simply how to, in the best and easiest way, improve your life and stamina through nutrition, always including your current lifestyle and family situation.

For more detailed information, please, visit my website.

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