Energetic Fruit Salad for a delicious and exotic detox

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Mango Rose with Pomegranate
I don't know how was your last week, but mine was quite intense and delicious, full of cream and butter! 
The place where I come from is situated between Lyon, capital of Gastronomy and the Alps.

The culinary traditions is based on the heavy cream and butter and the festivities of the end of the year is a carousel of delicious delights: foie gras, oysters, capon or chicken with cream sauce and morels, scallops, white sausages, chocolates, cakes, etc... all these nicely paired with Champagne, Montbazillac, Manicle, St Emilion, Sancerre,..

After spending so much time eating and drinking, my body needs some balance.

So now, and because I still want to enjoy some delicious dessert, I would like to share with this simple fresh fruit salad that will give us energy to start the new year!

Ingredients for 6 persons:

- 1 Kiwi
- 1 Pomegranate
- 1 Mango
- 1 small pineapple
- 100 grs. blueberries
- 1 apple
- 1 lime juice

1/ The kiwi brings you a lot of C vitamin and fibers.
Peel the kiwi and cut it in thin slices. 

2/ The pomegranate went quite popular some years ago thanks to its antioxidant power. It is full of minerals as well!
Take the pomegranate and roll it  on a plane surface with a smooth pressure with your hand like you are making a bowls. This way you let each small pearls get separated. Then you open the pomegranate and the pearls will just get out freely without the thin and bitter membrane around.
3/ Mango is, a part of being delicious, full of fibers C, A and B6 vitamins!
 Cut the mango in 2 following the bone. The mango is something like an avocado but the bone is thin and hardly flat. But still, it is quite important and it is always a little bit difficult. Once you have half of mango, make some squares with a knife inside the flesh. Then turn the squares out and you will get a kind of hedgehog with squared spikes! Now you just need to cut the squares from the skin.

4/ Pineapple has the mythical power to make you loose weight,... it is NOT true! But the high content of fibers helps your transit. You will also find a lot o C and B6 vitamins, and minerals like manganese or copper!
For the pineapple, I usually cut the crown and the bottom first. Then I cut it in 4 pieces like boats. Then, you remove the small hard heart of the pineapple cutting the  top of the boat. Then, you can remove the skin and slice the pineapple.

Appetit Voyage
Kiwis and Pomegranate
Put together in a bowl, add the blueberries full of antioxidants and the apple absolutely magical to reduce the hangover effects!
Add a lime juice (C vitamin) and some a couple of table spoons of honey. Enjoy!
This special selection of fruit is just a concentration of vitamins and minerals and fibers! it will help you to recover energy, and improve your transit.

Appetit Voyage
Detox Fruit Salad
This is simple and easy to prepare. It could be a great alternative for your desserts! You can propose some cookies besides for example.

Feel free to change the fruits following the seasons and your taste! If you don´t like to eat the fruit, you can perfectly turn your salad in a smoothie as well!

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