Surprise Crepe with mushrooms and roquefort

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Surprise Crepe
This is one of my favorite crepe! A great idea also as starter with this original presentation!

First of all, prepare some nice crepes following my recipe that is also available on the blog. Keep the crepes warm with a bowl of hot
water below the plate, and some aluminum foil on top.

Ingredients for 2 persons:
- 100 grs of bacon
- 200 grs of sliced button mushrooms
- 1 handful of nuts
- 2 shallots
- 1 tbs. of olive oil
- 2 tbs. of roquefort

1/ Peel and slice thinly the shallots. In a fried pan,  put together the olive oil, bacon and shallots at medium heat in order that the shallots can cook. 

After 5 minutes stirring, when the bacon and shallots start to become golden, add the fresh mushrooms and mix.
Let cook for 10 minutes till the mushrooms get also golden. Reserve.

2/ Take a crepe, and place in the middle half of the preparation, add some nuts roughly crushed and place on top 1 spoon of roquefort.

3/ wrap your mixture into the crepe. I like to present it like a purse. For this, I use a chive as rope to close the crepe. 

4/ Place in a baking tray and put 5 minutes at 120ºC in the oven, to let the roquefort melt.

Serve straight away. It will be a great starter with green leaves seasoned with some nut oil and lemon juice. I just love it!

Find more crepes recipes on the blog:

Enjoy and share with your friends and family!

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Unknown said…
I like to present it Crepes maker like a purse. For this, I use a chive as rope to close the crepe.

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