Flambeed Bananas crepes

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Flambeed Bananas Crepe

A very exotic and delicious recipe, quick and yummy to impress your guests with a simple crepe!

Let's keep on celebrating Candelmas today!

First of all, prepare some nice crepes following my recipe that is also available on the blog. Keep the crepes warm with a bowl of hot water below the plate, and some aluminium foil on top.

Ingredients for 2 persons:

-         2 bananas
-         20 grs of butter
-         2 tbs of raw sugar
-         2 tbs of rum
-         ½ lemon juice

 1/ Peel the bananas. In a fried pan, put the butter and let it melt a slow heat, put the bananas then and let them get golden 2 minutes on each side at medium heat. 

2/ Add the sugar on top of the bananas and roll them into the mixture of butter and sugar. Let it cook till the sugar turns into caramel. It will get first a translucent cream before to turn quickly into brown caramel. 

Appetit Voyage
Flambéed Bananas!
3/ Add the lemon juice and the rum and after 2 minutes, flambe the bananas. Take care to burn you or your kitchen!

4/ Stir to mix well taking care to not break the bananas. Bananas get really soft and fragile when they are cooked, so handle them with care.

5/ Place your banana in a crepe, and roll it. Pour some of the caramel sauce on top and serve straight away!

It is a delicious combination with the caramel, lemon, rum and banana! You feel like in the Caraibes!

Find more crepes recipes on the blog:

Enjoy and share with your friends and family!


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