To Valentine or not to Valentine,...

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Sweet Heart
St Valentine commercials and advertising are everywhere reminding us that we should buy something for our lover and of course be romantic and sexy, etc...

To tell you the truth, I am getting quite annoyed by all this media pressure around St Valentine. I do like the ancient meaning of it, that was an occasion to celebrate the courtly love and your lover, but also by extension all the people you love around you.
For me being romantic, is more an attitude and a feeling to please the other than to stay clustered into flower-chocolate-cards-perfumes, etc...

My vision of Romanticism is more into finding a detail that will remind and enhance your love to your partner, whatever it is,... than to fit into the already made solution of the shops.
I do like the ancient celebration, but I really can't accept to mix business and love, feelings and money,...

So I feel torn into 2 positions. Shall I celebrate St Valentine or shall I ignore it or shall I be a rebel?

So the question is to valentine or not to valentine? 

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Mango Flower
This question comes back every year and I made my mind differently depending on who is in my heart.
Three years ago, I wrote a very exciting post about St Valentine, that I would like to share with you today, around an aphrodisiac menu!
And last year, my heart was in a quite different place, and I wrote this very nice Anti-Valentine menu for friends!

Appetit Voyage
Lamb shops, mushrooms and gratin
Obviously, for me, food is connected to our deepest feeling and with love. Cooking and sharing the food you prepare is a beautiful proof of love that can turn into be poetic, romantic and really sexy as well.

I let you read my anti-valentine menu and the aphrodisiac St Valentine menu. I hope it will make you smile, it will inspire you to celebrate it your own way! 
I would love to have your ideas for your St Valentine´s diner! Feel free to leave a comment below and share your opinion!

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