2 easy watermelon appetizers to refresh your summer dinners!

Do you think watermelon is only for dessert? Let me change your mind and make you discover some very fresh and summery recipes with watermelon!

I have to tell first, that I never enjoyed that much watermelon,... I do have a very nice memory of it from my childhood when we were having it with my family, but when I grew up, I merely discarded it because I found it to watery and not that tasteful in comparison with other melons.
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Appetit Voyage
Blue Dates on Watermelon by Appetit Voyage
1/ Blue dates on watermelon

I have to say that this recipe is totally inspired from the restaurant VariƩe in Haarlem, that really blew y taste buds with this original recipe! The mix of texture and taste is just really amazing!

Take the dates. Cut them along and take off the pit. Cut a small long piece of roquefort and stuff the date with it.
Slice the watermelon in cubes and place 1 date on each cube, stick together with a toothpick. I do not give measure for this, as, it is quite easy to figure out how many dates you need of your guests. 
Let it in the fridge and take out 20 minutes before serving.

Appetit Voyage
Goaty Watermelon Appetizer
2/ Goaty watermelon

Slice the watermelon in cubes. Put on top a small fresh goat cheese. Add a basil leave and keep it together with a toothpick. Keep it cool till serving.

These recipes are really easy, and do no require special ingredients. You can also try with other cheese, other fresh herbs,...just let your imagination choose for you! And please share it with us!

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