Caramelized Apricot with rosemary

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Caramelized Apricots by Appetit Voyage
What is the taste of summer for you? Is it the taste of a peach or a nectarine, the juicy watermelon? Or perhaps, it is grilled sardines...

We all have some taste or flavor from our childhood´s memories. For me, Apricots always had very special place in my heart. I cannot really explain my passion apricots.
I suppose it is in part because it is one of the few fruit for which the season is quite short. So when it is available on the display, do not miss it! it will last no more than a couple of months!
Then, if I start to think about it, the apricot is just such beautiful and sensual fruit. 
This curvy shape, this velvety skin, the pale orange color stained with some fuchsia hints. Don´t tell me that apricots are not kind of sexy.
Then, you bite it and discover this smooth flesh and rich juice. It is so tasty, so full of sun,... To bite an apricot is like tasting the sensual part of your soul,... (sigh)

It also reminds me a lot Provence and my childhood holidays when we were getting the fruits from the neighbour down the village. The fruits were recollected from the same trees you had in front of you when you picked it up. 

It sounds perhaps, something normal to you,... or not. But, just think one minute: how many times do you get your food directly from where it comes from, a garden or a farm? 
When do you see the trees, the bushes,  the herbs or the cows that you are going to eat later this day or this week?
Perhaps, if we could get our food from where it comes from - before, it had been manipulated, cut, cleaned, shaped, frozen, totally transformed - perhaps we would be more respectful for the food we eat and how we feed our bodies.

This apricot is taking us quite far it seems! Let's go back to the flavor! I would like to share with you a very quick and easy recipe, I discovered a lot of years ago, but which is one of my favorite:

Appetit Voyage
Provence Flavors: apricots and rosemary
Caramelized Apricot with rosemary

Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 8 medium size apricots
- 50 grs. of butter
- 3 tbsp. of raw sugar
- 1 stalk of fresh rosemary

1/ Clean the apricots, open them and take off the pit.

2/ In a bowl place the half apricots and sprinkle the sugar on top. Add the rosemary roughly crushed in your hands. Mix everything.

3/ In a fried pan, let the butter melt at medium heat. Then add the apricots with the inside fleshy part  facing the bottom of the pan and the rosemary. Let cook for 5 minutes at medium eat.
Turn the apricots carefully and let cook 5 more minutes. Make sure that the sugar is not burning too quickly. Do not stir too much as the apricots will get really smooth and easily breakable. We want to keep them in one piece, not in compote.

4/ When the sugar starts to turn into a clear caramel, wait, a little bit more and as soon as it starts to get colored, stop the heat.

5/ Serve straight away with a scoop of ice cream. I really like a yogurt, honey, or even some marzipan flavored ice cream! Or if you dare, try it with a lavender one! 

This is a totally Provence experience! The rosemary taste with the apricot and the caramel are just a perfect match!!!!

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