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Crunchy Beet roots salad by Stephi
First of all, I need to make a confession: I DO NOT LIKE BEET ROOTS! - or at least it was my statement until not so long ago, when in a very high standing restaurant, I found some beet root in my dish and I discovered an great taste. I meanly did not like it when I was a kid because, it had a kind of earthy taste, that was disgusting to me.

But this time is gone, and I have to say that the amazing deep and vibrant color of the beet root ended fascinating me! Beet roots are a winter vegetable, and it can be prepared in so many ways!!!!! Actually, I already proposed you some recipe in this blog as an appetizer.

This time, I want to share and bring closer my Lyon's roots and the beet roots.
Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 400 grs of cooked beet roots
- 1 handful of hazelnuts
- 3 tbsp. of soy cream
- 2 tsp. of Dijon mustard
- 1 tbsp of raspberry vinegar
- 1 pinch of parsley
- salt and black pepper

1/ Cook the beet roots and let them cool down. Peel and sliced in small cubes.

2/ Grill the hazelnuts 5 minutes in a fried pan without any oil.

3/ Prepare the sauce mixing the soy cream, mustard, vinegar. Season with salt and black pepper. Be sure you add enough.

4/ Mix the beet with the sauce and sprinkle the crushed hazelnuts on top. I also sprinkle a little bit of sliced parsley.

The mustard and pepper give some punch to the beet roots, the cream smooth the taste and the hazelnuts brings the crunchiness,... it is delicious.
I served it for a Beaujolais wine tasting with a lentils salad dressed with a mustard vinaigrette and chives and some terrine with ham, parsley and bacon. 
The wine chosen was a Brouilly 2012 from Domaine Balloquet, and it really suits very well. The freshness of this young Beaujolais and its red berries was matching perfectly the creamy and bold taste of the meat and the beet roots. Then there was a very surprising balance between sweet, spicy and sour. It was really nice!

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