Glamorous Pink Cheesecake

Details of Glamorous Pink Cheesecake
I created this recipe for a special Champagne tasting. It was the pairing with the Rosé Petré Champagne. I wanted a dessert as elegant, as sexy, refined and light as the amazing Champagne Rosé my friend Caroline Henry brought to close our tasting.

I really am excited to share this recipe with you and I hope it will inspire you for the New year's eve or for any occasion where you want to share some love with your friends and family.

Ingredients for 8 to 10 persons:
- 150 grs of biscuits de Reims or lady fingers
- 40 grs of coconut powder
- 60 grs of coconut oil
- 500 grs of mascarpone
- 1 lemon peel and juice
- 100 grs of whipped cream
- 100 grs of agave syrup
- 250 grs of frozen raspberries
- 3 egg whites
- 7 jelly foils

Appetit Voyage
Pink Cheesecake decoration
For the decoration: fresh raspberries and red berries, some coconut flakes and iced sugar violets.You can also add a raspberries sauce made with 250 grs of frozen raspberries and 1 tbsp. of raspberries jam cooked 5 minutes together and mixed in the blender.

Let your raspberries get at room temperature.

1/ First crush the biscuits in powder in a blender or just putting them in a plastic bag and using a pastry roller pin. Add the coconut and the coconut oil, mix well.

2/ In a 30 cm diameter mold, cover the bottom with some kitchen paper, as well as the walls. Pour your crumbly pink mixture and press it in order you get a basis of our cheesecake. Place in the fridge for at least 10 minutes.

3/ In a bowl, put the mascarpone. Stir till it gets creamy. Add the agave syrup, the lemon peel, and juice. Mix well.

4/ Add the whipped cream delicately to the mascarpone, making light whoops with your spoon gently covering the cream with the mascarpone.

5/ Let the jelly foils in cold water for 5 minutes. In the meanwhile, cook 2 extra spoons of the whipped cream in a small pan at medium heat. Take the jelly foils, drain the water and pour them in the hot cream, stir and let them melt, it is quite quick. Stop the heat. Let it cool down 5 minutes. And add to the mascarpone cream.

6/ Whisk the egg whites till stiff. Add then as well at the mixture, as gently as the whipped cream. The point is to keep the airy texture of the whipped cream and eggs to the final mixture.

7/ Finally, add the raspberries, already unfrozen, and mix them a little bit. I like to let some pinkie swirl in the mixture and not have them to well mix.
Pink Cheesecake with Rosé Petré

8/ Pour the cream in the mold on top of the biscuits base. Put it in the fridge for a minimum of 6h.

Before serving, unfold delicately the cheesecake. Place the fresh fruits on top, some coconut and the violets. The crunchy biscuit with the refined coconut flavours, counter balances the fluffy and light cheesecake with a perfect mix of flavours and textures between the lemon, the raspberries and the mascarpone. It is fresh, delicate and creamy,... it is like a poem! The pairing with the rosé, intense and full of flowers and red fruits flavours was just absolutely amazing.

Appetit Voyage
Pink Cheesecake with raspberries sauce
I hope you will enjoy as much as I did, to prepare this recipe, and share it with your beloved.

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Appetit Voyage
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