How to make a perfect brunch, healthy, quick and easy - 18 menus and more than 30 recipes!

Appetit Voyage brunches and breakfasts ideas!
Appetit Voyage brunches and breakfasts ideas!
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Sunny Side Up Eggs
Since 2 years, I am working from home on Fridays, most of the time testing some recipes in my kitchen.
Appetit Voyage
Champagne Breakfast
We also started to take profit of this moment to meet with my Dutch friend and ex-colleague Danielle for a special breakfast-brunch where we can catch up on our busy lives! This is really a special moment, and I really enjoy to spend time cooking for the breakfast and take it like a real meal, seated, sipping slowly a coffee or tea and chatting. 

But I did not really realize it became special to me till I started to follow Sandra Maureder blog spotting the best brunch in London. Each blog post release was mouthwatering. After a while, I finally found myself getting up during the weekend and starting to cook some special brunch for myself. It is time to write down a post dedicated to brunch!

Appetit Voyage brunches and breakfasts ideas!
Boat's Brunch in Haarlem
Brunch is probably one of the best invention of British! Along my travels, I discovered different ways to start the day and this memories inspired me to write down this post and give some good tips to organize a great brunch, wherever you are, whenever it is and whoever is joining you!

I definitely will not go to the traditional recipes,... you start to know me! But I want to propose quick and easy recipes to spend more time enjoying the brunch more than sweating in the kitchen!

Appetit Voyage
American Pancakes
Each menu consists in at least:
1 drink
1 savory dish
1 sweet dish

I tried to balance every menu and always include fresh fruit, eggs and fiber.

Themes Brunch Menus ideas:
  1. English: Tea, chocolate sponge cake, scones, hash muffins made with some mashed potatoes, slice of bacon, 1 egg and 1 sherry tomato, cook 20 min in the oven in a muffins tray!
  2. American: banana muffins, Benedictine eggs, pancakes
  3. Vegan : lemon juice, chia seeds pudding, smoothie,
  4. French: café au lait, oeuf à la coque (soft boiled eggs) and French toast made with stale bread, damped into milk and then beaten eggs and stir fried in a pan with some butter.
  5. Dutch: pannekoeken, cheese platter and breads and green smoothie made with organic apple juice, celery, kale, lemon and parsley! I promise, it is delicious!
  6. Spanish: fresh squeezed orange juice, pan tumaca, easily made with a good bread toast, grated garlic, splash of olive oil and half tomato grated on top and Serrano ham, tortilla
  7. Italian: courgette fritatta, capuccino and panettone
  8. Christmas: Energetic fruit salad, knackebrod, gravlax, detox tea, pear-chocolate-almond cake
  9. Easter: strawberry tartare and citrus mascarpone mousse, asparagus and mimosa eggs,
  10. After party: orange salad, savory cakes and bloody Mary, why not!
  11. Summer: apricot rosemary, fruity gazpacho, quarka cotta, goaty tomatoes tart,
  12. Spring: cherry clafoutis, spring veggies quiche
  13. Halloween: winter compote, pumpkin bread,
  14. Indian: coconut-mango smoothie, chai tea, samosas,
  15. Mexican: watermelon smoothie, pumpkin quesadillas, chilaquiles, huevos a la ranchera
  16. Marroccan: cheese and mushrooms samosas, gazelle horns, fresh mint tea, orange salad.
  17. Asian: spicy Thai beef salad, Misa's noodle salad, green tea jelly
  18. Champagne breakfast: pink cheesecake, scrambled eggs with truffles
Appetit Voyage
Appetit Voyage brunches and breakfasts ideas!
Always some fresh fruits

Chia seeds pudding
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