The famous Spanish Potato salad, Ensaladilla Rusa, without mayonnaise!

Ensaladilla Rusa by Appetit Voyage
Ensaladilla Rusa by Stephie
Ensaladilla rusa is probably one of the most traditional dish all over Europe! You can find so much different recipes starting of course with the German Kartofel till the Spanish Ensaladilla rusa!

Every country has its own recipe and ingredients. During my last visit to Spain, in Cadiz in March, I tried one that really was tasty and nice. I usually kind of avoid it, because at the end of the day, this is an easy dish, always served with more mayonnaise than potatoes, which make it quite unwelcome to me!

But I was really hungry and we were in a good restaurant, so we ordered it as a tapa.
The sauce was tasty and fluffy, and ingredients really good. I kept this taste and texture in mind till I came back home.

As I usually do, every time I come back from a trip, inspired by all kind of new dishes I tried, I decided to include an Ensaladilla Rusa among my tapas party.

Of course, my main challenge was to find an alternative to mayonnaise! I really cannot eat mayonnaise,... it is fat, and no easy to digest due to the raw eggs.

So let me share my findings and when you try it, let me know what you think! I am for now very excited with the outcome!

Basic ingredients for 8 persons (you prepare a big bowl and have it ready for several days or it is just great for a party or bbq!):

- 500 gr. of potatoes
- 1/2 green pepper
- 1 tuna can
-  5 eggs

Stephi´s fake mayo:
- 4 tbsp. of quark
- 3 tbsp. of rapeseed oil or sunflower oil
- 2 tbsp. of cider vinegar
- salt and pepper

1/ First peel and cook the potatoes. Then let them cool down. Cut in bites size chunks.

2/ Slice in tiny dices the green pepper. Drain the tuna.

3/ In a bowl, gather the potatoes, green pepper and the tuna.

4/ Boil the 5 eggs. Let them cool down. Cut them and separate the white and yolk. Cut the white in pieces and add to the bowl.

5/ With a fork, mash the yolk, add salt and pepper.

6/ In a blender, get together the mayo ingredients and mix 10 seconds. Then slowly add the yolk mash to it and mix well. Check if it is well seasoned, adjust. You should have a pungent acid touch.

Ensaladilla rusa by Appetit Voyage
Tapas party with ensaladilla rusa
7/ Pour the fake mayonnaise in the potatoes salad and keep in the fridge till you eat.
The taste is strong and nice, very balanced with the rest of the ingredients. The texture is creamy and fluffy and totally guilt free!

From this basis, you can of course adapt the ingredients to your favorite potatoes salad.
These are some of my favorites combinations:

Daddy´s recipe: my dad was usually including shallots thinly chopped and pickled gherkins.

French Mac├ędoine: besides potatoes, French includes peas and carrots in dices.

Fish potatoes salad:  add anchovies, it is delicious!

What is your potatoes salad recipe? Share it with us!

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