Sicilian style peach in wine dessert for summer

Sicilian peach in wine by Appetit Voyage
Sicilian Peach in Wine
I bought some amazing peaches yesterday. And I say amazing because when I arrived home and could not wait anymore, attracted by the overwhelming flavor floating in the hot summer air; I had this instant, this unique moment when the juice and flesh was in my mouth and was just irresistible! I closed my eyes, and let my senses burst into life!  

At that precise moment, I had a flash,... actually, I had 2 flashes,... first, I felt like preparing a peach sangria, and then I even went further and wanted to try straight away, the traditional Sicilian peach in wine!

I was told about this tradition when I was in Catania with my friends Cristina and Alessandro who are the one who initiated me to the Italian cuisine and its wonders. The first time, I was a little bit shock to mix fruit and wine,... I am French, and I can´t help to have this kind of reaction! ;-) 

But then, I was totally seduced by the idea of a Sicilian wine and the sweet tasty peach. And the flavor of this peach I was eating, just brought me back to Sicily! I love these flashes!

I will give your the recipe for the peach sangria later, but now, let me share with you this simple and quick dessert for summer.

Ingredients for 5 persons:
- 5 ripe organic peaches
- 500 ml of sweet red wine

1/ Slice roughly the peaches and place in a glass

Sicilian peach in wine by Appetit Voyage
2/ Pour the wine and let it in the fridge for at least 1h before serving. You can choose your favorite sweet red wine. I will prefer Porto wines. My choice for this time went to a homemade peach wine my dad does perfectly.

This is really a nice treat in summer,... so simple, quick and easy to make! Enjoy summer!

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