Luxurious Chocolate cake with avocado

Delicious Avocado Chocolate cake by Appetit Voyage
Avocado Choc Cake

How to make a delicious chocolate cake with gluten free, sugar free, and vegan????

Well, let me introduce this amazing kind of bavarois prepared with delicious Medjoul dates, almond, avocado and chocolate! 

Since a couple of years, I also inspire my cuisine by all these trendy diets and I give it a twist to really get something yummy. The results of my cooking from the past 2 years, and you probably noticed it if you follow this blog, is that I am as demanding as before on quality and taste, but I also tend to propose more and more options adapted to vegans or coeliac.

This recipe is highly inspired from the special Happi-Food magazine published by Happinez, finally available in France now as well!
I found this beautiful recipe of avocado cake, that was fitting my ideas of yummy and healthy, but I found it a little to plain. So, I added, THE ingredient every cake should have: CHOCOLATE!

Delicious Avocado Chocolate cake by Appetit Voyage
Chocolate cake with avocado, almond and dates
Ingredients for 4 persons:
- 200 gr. of almond powder
- 250 gr. of Medjool dates pitted
- 20 gr. of grounded cocoa beans
- 3 ripe avocados (approx. 500 gr.)
- 1 lemon juice
- 8 tbsp. of agave syrup
- 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract
- 5 tbsp. of cocoa powder
- 1 full tsp. of agar-agar powder
- 1,5 dl of hazelnut milk

1/ Place the pitted dates in a bowl with hot water and let it soak for 10 minutes. After this time, you will notice the skin getting off. I roughly peel the skin.

2/ Drain the water and keep just a couple of tbsp. you directly add in the blender. Slice roughly the dates, and mix till you get a kind of thick compote.

3/ Put together this date paste with the almond powder and the cocoa beans. Mix till you get your dough ready.

4/ In a mold, add some oven paper in the bottom and sides, and spread with your fingers the dough. Press smoothly. Put in the fridge the time you prepare the avocado cream.

5/ Mix well the avocados with the lemon juice, vanilla and agave syrup till you get a very smooth cream.

6/ In a small pan, pour the hazelnut milk with the cocoa powder and boil. Sprinkle the agar-agar and keep on whisking for a couple of minutes to be sure the agar-agar is well dissolute. Stop the heat. Let it cool 2 minutes.

Delicious Avocado Chocolate cake by Appetit Voyage
7/ When the chocolate mixture is starting to cool a little bit, mix it energetically with the avocado cream till you get a beautiful, smooth chocolate cream!

8/ Pour this mixture on top of our cooled dough and place it again in the fridge. 30 minutes should be enough to have it ready. The more you do it in advance, the better the flavors will melt together. This is a golden rule for any chocolate cake!

9/ Decorate the top with almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate sauce and any fruit you like. Serve and enjoy!

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