Marinated Dragon eyeballs cocktail for Halloween

Appetit Voyage goes spooky for Halloween
Dragon Eyeballs
This is a very simple and funny way to include eyeballs at your Halloween menu and it will be a great cocktail as well!

I spent the last years to find out how to create quick and easy to make eyeballs. All the recipes I found were way too complicated and delicate to allow me to make a huge amount of them. There is around 30 people coming at my Halloween party, so I need quick and easy recipes!

I hope you will like this recipe!

- 2 cans of litchis
- 250 gr. of black grapes
- Malibu

1/ Drain the litchis but keep the juice and pour it in a nice big transparent bowl.

2/ Clean the grapes. Put one grape into the litchi and stuff easily all the litchis.

3/ Add the Malibu. I did not indicate any measure, it really depends on how strong you want the cocktail! Usually, you need to count 1/4 of Malibu for 3/4 of juice. You can also change the Malibu for another alcohol like vodka or Passoa, depending on what is your favorite booze!

4/ Place the eyeballs in the mixture and let it in the fridge for at least 1h before serving.

Appetit Voyage goes spooky for Halloween
Enjoy the eyeballs and cocktail separately or together!  Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

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