Mrs Lovett Secret Meat Pies recipe for Halloween

Appetit Voyage goes spooky for Halloween
Mrs Stephi Lovett
This year, for my Halloween party, I decided to dress up as Mrs Lovett. It took a  while before I could decide my costume. And when I got it, I realized I should add to my accessories, besides my rolling pin, a MEAT PIE! Of course!

So I started to search for recipes, and I finally create this one trying to stick to my theme and keeping in mind as well my dad's advice about meat pies (back home, he is the specialist!) This is a great mix of flavors, meat pâtés and how to turn around the terrible Mrs Lovett way of cooking people into real food! I tried to give as much as possible spooky details! ;-)

This recipe is printed on top of my kitchen and the other great thing is that you need to prepare it some days in advance, which always help when you have to cook for a Halloween party!
Appetit Voyage goes spooky for Halloween!
Mrs Stephi Lovett Secret Meat Pie

So, ingredients for a beautiful, rich and tasty meat pie for 8 persons:

400 gr. of minced fat man meat (half pork half beef)
400 gr. of young man’s steak (or beef)
8 Ribs or spareribs depending of the guy
100 gr. of juicy liver (chicken liver)
100 gr. of lard (bacon)
10 sweet kidneys (dried plums)
2 French onions
2 eggs
1 glass (or more) of gin or brandy (what ever you drunk husband did not finished yet)
1 tablespoon of thyme
1 tablespoon of savory herbs 
5 crushed cloves
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
Salt and Black pepper
500 gr. of Puff pastry

Steps to realize my Famous Meat Pie:

    1. First of all, prepare the meat. Depending how you receive your fresh meat, you may need to cut, slim, and remove some bones. Mince the different meats roughly.

2. Peel the onions. Slice them really thinly with a sharp knife.

3. In a bowl, gather the meats, add the ground spices, sugar, salt and pepper. Pour 1 glass of brandy. Another one for you!

4. Mix the ingredients and let it marinade overnight.

5. The following day when the meats get smooth and tasty, add the 2 eggs and mix.

6. Prepare the puff pastry and roll it down in a mold with some flour. Pour the meat mixture. Cover with a second pastry dough.

7. Brush the top with egg and make small hole to make a chimney with a small aluminum foil.

8. Cook in the oven for 30- 45 minutes at 180 degrees, depending of how hot is the stove and how much wood you have to burn!

Appetit Voyage Meat Pie9. Let it cool and enjoy lukewarm or the day after, when the meats and flavors melt together.

I decorated the pie and present nicely on the buffet and only served at the end of the party, around 3:00 am. After drinks, it was a great way to end up and wrap up! People loved it!

I finished the pie 1 week after and it was even more delicious! So do not hesitate to prepare it in advance!
Happy Halloween!


Appetit Voyage goes spooky for Halloween
Appetit Voyage Jack'o Lantern
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