Glorious Asian Romanesco Stupa

Romanesco with sate sauce by Appetit Voyage
Glorious Asian Romanesco Stupa
Romanesco cabbage is looking so beautiful and strange! Don´t you think it looks like an Asian stupa, these wonderful temple roofs? This cabbage is just a beautiful architecture I did not want to touch this psychedelic master piece, and decided to steam it whole. And in order to stay in Asian, I prepared my peanut or sate sauce to go with it, what do you think?

Ingredients for 2 to 4 persons:
- 1 romanesco cabbage or broccoli
- Peanut sauce from my raw pad thai post
- 1/2 lemon grass

1/ Steam the cabbage for 20 minutes.

2/ In the meanwhile, prepare the peanut sauce, using the cooked version of my recipe. If the sauce is too thick, add 1 tbsp of water.

3/ Slice the chili, the lemon grass and roast the peanuts

4/ When your romanesco is cooked, place it delicately on a plate. Spread the sauce on top and decorate with the chili, lemon grass and peanuts. Serve immediately! This is really easy to make and quick. You can use make it for broccoli, cawliflower, or any other steamed veggies.

Glorious Asian Romanesco Stupa
Peanut sauce
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