Why any foodie should visit Jämtland in Sweden?

Where should be your next gastronomic destination?

Any guess? Look up North of Europe!
The last 2 years, I had the chance to travel several times to Sweden and get acquainted with a surprising and amazing gastronomy that really opened my eyes! We even decided with Cecilia Gotherstrom, my Swedish nutritionist partner to host cooking workshops there. Jämtland in the North West of Sweden should really be your next foodie destination! Let me explain you why!

Swedish coffee on the lake shore in Jamtland with Appetit Voyage
Swedish coffee on the lake shore
My travels and work brought me in some of the best gastronomic places all over the world, and I always thought I had a quite full vision of it: France, Spain, Italy, Mexico or China and Japan always had been my top cuisine references. If you are a foodie, do you relate to these cuisines?

Probably because I am French, I have to admit I never really turn my eyes towards the Nordics. First of all, it is too cold for my Mediterranean character, and my extended travels to the rest of the world brought me so much, that I never considered that Scandinavia could host some much food diversity and amazing new tastes! 
Then, I put a foot in the Viking land, and my whole world had been blown away. A broader and greater perspective opened its door to my taste buds and curious mind!

I realized during my first trip to Sweden and Norway, I was missing an essential part of European history to understand us (as European). From a sudden, the Dutch culture happened to be clearer, but also my own French personality and thus the whole Europeans. And I want to thank Vikings for all what they brought and spread in Europe during their trade and travels. I already shared my thoughts about it last year in my post Fika in Stockholm!

One of the most active region for gastronomy besides Stockholm is Jämtland, located some 800 km North Stockholm, where the region capital, Ostersund is located. 
Strangely (or not), Ostersund will host this year the annual meeting of UNESCO Creative Cities Network! It will take place the next 10 - 16 of September and Jämtland is part of it for the efforts to support food entrepreneurs in the region and link it with creative and sustainable development. Do you start to understand why I fell in love?

It is also the region where one of the best restaurant in the world is located: Fäviken.
The 3 Michelin stars restaurant created a nice network of small crafted and artisan producers that really surprised me and enchanted me! From the famous knackebrod to sourdough bread, cheese, cold cuts and sausages till chocolates and beers. I found amazing people, passionate about their business and food, creating small batches but powerful delicacies!

Blueberries and Lingon Berries in Sweden with Appetit Voyage
Blueberries and Lingon Berries
I also had the chance to understand and taste the traditional Swedish meal during that summer. What strikes me most is that the nature provided to the Sami, the ancient tribes living the Northern part of Europe, wild game, whole grains, fat fishes, herbs and berries. Despite tough living conditions, summers are extremely generous and taught the ancients tribes to handle the long winters and develop old techniques to preserve food. Nowadays, some of these products still exist like the knackebrod or the gravad lax! This ancient cuisine shows perfectly how to follow a healthy diet respecting seasons and nature.

They really magnified the scarce and healthy resources they have. I am totally impressed to see how Jamtland still lives in harmony with nature and developed a much more complex gastronomy than only the Swedish meat balls or salmon dishes you know from Ikea!

Further than the healthy side, I am totally stunned by all the flavors I found: cinnamon, cardamom, elder flower, mushrooms, liquorice. I so much enjoyed to spend time in nature, picking berries, eating game or fish from the river. It was really satisfying to feel part of the nature and get a direct grip on it from the raw and wild.

I definitely need to spread the word about my discoveries and can only encourage you to reach the top of the Swedish mountains and find your way to the Nordic cuisine!

Sugar Free at Revsund Prastgard in Sweden with Appetit Voyage
Swedish berries for Sweet Life at Revsund
Do you want a great opportunity to discover the region? Why don't you join me in my next adventure? Cecilia and I are hosting a Sugar Free week in September, 15th at Revsunds Prästgård! One week to discover the region, walk in the nature, pick berries and mushrooms, and enjoy cooking and learning about healthy food with no refined sugar! Find all the info on my post!

If you want to experience some more activities as hiking, yoga, hunting, skiing, check as well:

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