Comfy and sweet spicy baked oats for fall breakfast

Apple and Spices Baked Oats recipe from Appetit Voyage
Baked oats squares ready to go!

This is this time of the year, where you don't want to go out of your warm bed in the morning... and it is not even day light, so why should you get out of bed?

Go to the office??? Really? Ok,...

Then if you are in this kind of mood, or if you are the kind of training hard in the morning, very hungry or on the run, this is a recipe for you!!!!
It is super delicious and comfy, it warms you up with all these soft spices, it fills you up and it also gives you the perfect healthy balanced and energy breakfast!!!

 You think it is impossible to get everything in 1 single breakfast? Read my recipe and think twice! ;-)

Apple and Spices Baked Oats recipe from Appetit Voyage
Baked oats mixture
Ingredients for 4 persons or 4 breakfasts:
- 1 cup of rolled oats (choose gluten free ones if coeliac)
- 1 cup of buckwheat oats
- 1 1/2 cup of walnuts or mix of hazelnuts and pecan nuts
- 3 tbsp. of maple syrup
- 1/2 cup of raisins
- 1 tsp of cinnamon
- 1 pinch of nutmeg
- 1 pinch of cardamom
- 1/2 tsp of salt
- 1 apple
- 4 eggs
- 2 cups of almond milk

Seriously, it is just a "mix all together", and pour in an oven tray for 25 min at 180C. 

Apple and Spices Baked Oats recipe from Appetit Voyage
Winter Baked Oats with Orange
I think it is the shortest recipe I have ever written!!!!
When, it gets golden, then it is ready. Let it cool for 5 minutes, and slice a large square. I enjoyed it with some fresh orange slices, and it was sooooo yummy! The taste and smell of orange with the spices is like a fall and christmassy feeling, and the tanginess of the orange give a kick to the baked oats!

Additional tips:

Now, the great thing is you can prepare it in advance and have it in your fridge or freezer wrapped in a plastic film. Put it 30 sec in the microwave if you are in a hurry, or grill it a little bit in the oven. You can also have it as a snack.

It is really one of the best, fullest and yummiest breakfast for the fall and winter time! And as always, feel free to change the ingredients.

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