Cook It Yourself : 2017 culinary trend or foodie goal

When you are a food blogger, you are always looking for inspiration to create new recipes and impress your senses. My main inspirations are traveling and experimenting new restaurants. And of course, like everyone else, I also check Social Media, Communication Agencies/Brands and Magazines.

I am not a big fan of following fashions,... Do not imagine me like a cranky outdated lady! Not at all (or so I believe!), but I do really care and choose among the huge flow of information (and bad information) we receive to pick up only what fits me, whatever it is: fashion, cooking or business.

Reading a very good article from the French communication agency Geek & Food about the culinary trends in France for 2017, I realize how broad are my horizons and far away I am sometimes from French food industry.
Buddha Bowl by Appetit Voyage
The closest Buddha bowl dish I could prepare...
Indeed, one of the new trend in France, this year will be the Buddha Bowl. Perhaps, it is the first time you hear about it, but when you eat healthy, you are used to see Buddha bowls for now almost 2 years. I always found it an overrated innovation,... to not say a no-innovation,... but marketing sells a lot! And we could see all over the world, all the foodies, health food brands and food bloggers surfing on the sacred Buddha Bowl trend...

At the end of the day, a Buddha bowl is nothing more than your healthy lunch beautiful arranged in a bowl,...ta-daaaa!
Spanish Tapas by Appetit Voyage
Feria de Sanlucar, spring 2016
It makes me think about the tapas trend. It is difficult for foreigners to understand properly the concept of tapas when you have never spent time in Spain. Tapas can be any dish you wish that is served in a small portion and will be shared at a bar (check my former post about what is tapas).

Buddha bowl and tapas are the same. Whatever food in a special shape. And it is fine! But do not deserve such a buzz either.

Creating recipes of Buddha bowl,... or tapas is like no sens to me. Because my whole blog is about it: good food, plenty of colors, plenty of flavors and balanced meals. 


So, I am afraid that I will have to endure 1 more year at least
Cassoulet by Appetit Voyage
Mum's homemade cassoulet
of the Buddha bowl challenge. Except perhaps, that the Buddha bowl challenge upgraded by Frenchies can actually be really funny and awesome!!! "Show me your Buddha-bowl-cassoulet" or "look at my gorgeous boeuf-bourguignon-Buddha-bowl!" French are able to dare!

Well, instead of creating a polemic, let's talk about a very joyful trend for me!

Healthy apero bites by Appetit Voyage
Healthy apero bites!
All over the world, you can really see the impact of veggies diets and healthy food as well as the now quite strong trend of DIY.
These trends rise up my mood and make me smile! And let's be honest, we need good news for 2017!!!!

I spent the last 7 years, changing deeply my eating habits, giving more space for fruits and veggies, vegetable options and less and less space for red meat, dairy products and refined sugar.

I am therefore super happy to find the same trends in the main stream markets, and that large brands focus more on healthier products.

So, cooking from scratch, making your own bread, own nut milk, own yogurt or cheese are also coming strong. In this case, French are not behind, and Geek & Food sees it as a trend for 2017: do your own cheese and charcuterie!
This is really amazing and wonderful!

I can see it worldwide, and it says a lot about what people are looking in their kitchen! They look for authenticity, for healthier versions and more emotional
Bread by Appetit Voyage
Homemade bread in wooden oven
products. When I say emotional, just think how you feel when you make your own bread, or own tart dough, or own mayo?
Don't you feel like you are " KING OF THE WORLD"!!! no??? seriously? Well, I do feel like that. Fermentation (another big trend!) is one of my big magic thing right now!
And French people are would say a little bit ahead. Traditional food, family know-how and more largely cooking are strong values in France, still. Even if I do not expect Parisians to make their own saucisson or cheese, in the countryside, these kind of traditions are still pretty alive! Actually, I already shared with you in the past on my Facebook account or Instagram some of these amazing rituals!

In any case, for 2017, if you should set up some resolution or goal or project, may I suggest this one: to cook it yourself! 

Stephi, food blogger for Appetit Voyage
I promise it is worthy! You will feel happier, with more self-confidence, more energy to dare, to try new things.... I highly encourage everyone, everywhere, to cook, and what I mean about cooking, is not to create a Masterchef dish, but your own, proper recipe for your favorite dish! 
If we are what we eat, we become what we cook; Food is medicine and cooking is a therapy. 
It works for me who is sensitive, need to express my love, went through tough times (what about burn out and depression). Cooking helps me to connect with my family roots, boost my creativity and unleash my ambition as an entrepreneur... not bad starting from a chocolate cake recipe, isn't it?

If you want to know more about my cooking classes, wine tastings or communication projects, feel free to contact me. You can also meet in person and go for your 2017 resolution in the next month:

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