Rosemary and Orange gluten free crackers

rosemary and orange gluten free crackers by Appetit Voyage
Rosemary and Orange gluten free crackers
This is an easy and quick gluten free crackers recipe based on my first knackebrod's one published some time ago. I recommend you to check the other recipe and compare it with this one. I hope it will help you to create your own crackers recipe with your favorite flavors!
In this case, I really just adapted it to the ingredients I have available in my pantry. The mix of orange, rosemary, olive oil and salt is just amazing and really give the final touch to these healthy gluten free crackers!

Ingredients for 30 crackers approx:
- 70 gr. of chickpeas flour
- 60 gr. azuki flakes or almond meal
- 60 gr. of flaxseeds
- 30 gr. chia seeds
- 30 gr. of sesame seeds
- 4 tbsp. olive oil
- 125 ml of boiling water
- 1 tsp. of sea salt
- 1 tbsp. of dried orange peel
- 1 tbsp. of dried rosemary

Turn on your oven at 150C.

rosemary and orange gluten free crackers by Appetit Voyage
Crackers dry ingredients mix
1/ Roughly blend the mix of the azuki flakes, flaxseeds, chia seeds and sesame seeds, rosemary and orange peel.

2/ In bowl, mix it together with the chickpeas flour and the salt.

3/ Add the oil and then the boiling water. Mix well till you get a sticky dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes.

4/ On a baking tray, lay down some parchment. Spread the dough into a thin layer (no more than 5 mm). With a knife pre-slice squares by drawing lines into the dough.

5/ Bake at  150C for 30 till 45 min till the crackers are golden. When it is ready, let it cool, till they get really crunchy and break the squares following the drew lines.

rosemary and orange gluten free crackers by Appetit Voyage
6/ Keep it in an air-tight container for a 1 month,... if you manage to resist all this time before eating them!!!!

I totally fell in love with the mix of rosemary-olive oil-orange - salt!!! A true winner to me! They will be outstanding served with some dips, cold cuts or just like this as an aperitif... but I warn you, they are totally addictive!


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