Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread, dairy and sugar free

Homemade Choco-hazelnut spread

I finally take the step towards the chocolate spread. And of course, I wanted a refined sugar and dairy free recipe.

If the homemade recipe is easy and quick and is healthier than the one bought in the supermarket, my reptilian brain is hardwired to the famous brand.
Since, I stopped eating sugar, I did not try it again. One of the most difficult step towards my new diet, had been the chocolate spread that is a very rewarding and comfy treat to me.... like most of us, I suppose!

I can remember when I was 18, studying days and night  to get to business school, and being able to have 1/2 jar of chocolate spread for my afternoon snack,... and still losing weight, because I was just exhausting my body studying. I do not recommend going through this, and the French education system is not the most satisfying in many ways,... but I wanted to illustrate how much the good feeling this spread has on my mind.

Choco spread toast with bananas
All others alternative never had the trigger to me tough, so I totally denied for years to try to master this recipe. But today, I made my first batch of choco-hazelnut spread, and I feel quite proud!

This first experiment is really satisfying, so let me share with you my recipe and let's upgrade it together:

Ingredients for 1 jar:
- 40 gr. of raw cacao
- 125 gr. of dates
- 75 gr. of hazelnut butter
- 2 tbsp. of coconut oil
- 200 gr. of roasted hazelnuts
- 1/2 tsp. of salt
- 1/2 tsp. of vanilla extract

Basically, you put all the ingredients together in a good food processor, and blend till you get a smooth texture! I added a couple of tbsp. of water to ensure the right texture I was looking for.

After 10 minutes, I have got my choco-hazelnut spread ready!... and it is sooo delicious!
I think I opened the door to a rewiring, and I am happy I made this step. Even if I do not crave chocolate spread as I was when I was eating sugar, this recipe gives me all the nutrients and fiber I am actually looking for! A healthy treat for a strong body and mind!

You can easily keep it in a jar for several weeks in the fridge. 

Bliss Energy Balls snack made from choco spread
Extra tip: As it hardens in the fridge, I use this trick to make some energy bliss balls I roll into shredded coconut or moringa/ matcha powder. It had been my snack at the office the past week, and you feel like having a truffle, treating yourself, and actually it really gives me a good kick to go through my day! All the nice effects of boosting my energy without any insulin pick or down side.

For the next batch, I am thinking to add some cacao nibs to give a crunchy bite... what do you think?
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