Easy and healthy raspberry jam

Raspberry jam by Appetit Voyage
Raspberry and chia seed jam by Appetit Voyage

This delicious raspberry jam is made in 5 minutes and totally sugar free! You can keep it for 1 week and finally feel guilt free when you have your breakfast toast in the morning!

Jams and marmalades are some of the most traditional and fond culinary memory I have. In my family, we always made our homemade jams. I NEVER EVER had bought already prepared jams. I know this is a luxury.
And even, if my mom is used to use more fruits than sugar, there is still a no go for me since I stopped eating refined sugar years ago. I do not miss really sweet stuffs. I am not a candy fan. I like desserts but, I make my owns without sugar most of the time.

Though, sometimes, you would like just a sweet bite to pimp up your toast in the morning, your scones or brioche!
This is also probably where I may admit I started to eat bread again since I am back living in France... Baguettes, miches and other loaves are just delicious and so important in the culture here, I often find myself having bread for breakfast...

Fortunately, this raspberry jam is just so healthy and delicious, it helps to balance the whole thing!

So for 1 week pot you need:

- 1 cup of raspberries (I use frozen ones)
- 1 tbsp. of water
- 1 tbsp. of honey
- 1,5 tbsp. of chia seeds

1/ If you are as rustic as I am, you may just pour everything in a small pan for 5 minutes at high heat, and stir till it becomes liquid and boil. 

2/ Pour directly in a clean jar up to the top leaving no space at all. Close straight away with the lid and turn the jar upside down. Let it cool. This simple trick should be enough to keep your jam safe for months, till you open it. Once opened, keep it in your fridge for 1 week.

3/ If you do not like the little crunchy seeds of the raspberries, then, you may cook the raspberries for 10 minutes or so at medium heat with the water and honey. Then make your coulis go through a cheese cloth or a strainer to take the little seeds off our coulis. Then, you mix the coulis with Chia seeds and pour it in a jar.

I hope this simple recipe will thrive you to come back to healthier habits. And above all, do not forget to enjoy! This short cooking process helps to really keep the raspberry flavor vivid and you really feel you are having fresh raspberries!
Chia seeds provides a nice jellied texture and this jam is just so packed with nutrients and vitamins, it is a great add on to your breakfast ritual!

Enjoy, and feel free to try with other berries! Thank you for sharing your experiments and I would be happy to get your feedback about this easy and healthy raspberry jam!
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